Basic Decabot chassis



  • Get your decabot kit and liquid white paper glue.
  • Detach the five indicated pieces.
  • Put some glue on the indicated parts of the ‘T’ piece (check picture), and facing the text, connect the left ‘ear’ with the ‘lateral motor support’ piece.
  • Put some glue on the bottom part (marked with the ‘HASH’ word) on the indicated parts (check picutre), and connect it to the 1st two pieces, facing the ‘HASH’ word down.
  • Put the other ‘lateral motor support’ on the right ‘ear’ of the ‘T’ piece.
  • Turn the set of pieces you have and put glue in the indicated parts.
  • Connect the ‘frontal internal’ piece (marked with the word ‘Arduino’) in the set.
  • Press firmly the pieces together for a couple minutes.
  • You have now the basic chassis.
  • Take the ‘bottom cover’ piece (marked with and position it on the bottom part of the basic chassis, aligning the holes with the tips. Do not use glue on this piece!
  • Slide the bottom cover piece up, until it fits perfectly on the bottom part of the basic chassis. This movement is called ‘locking bottom cover’.
  • The servo lock it’s a piece marked with the word ‘LOCK’, and must fit on the back part of the chassis. Also do not use glue on this piece! Pay atention to the small tooth, who must fit perfectly on a hole in the bottom part.
  • Now you need to put the girrafe support, to help to put the Arduino board in it’s place. 
  • Put some glue on the back part of the giraffe.
  • And press it firmly in the frontal area of the chassis, just besides the Arduino word. 
  • Use the guidelines and holes to align.
  • Let’s begin to assembly the top shell cover.
  • Separate the two big top pieces, as shown in the picture. The first one is filled with diagonal marks and holes. The second one has the word ‘DECANO’ written in the buttons.
  • Position the hachured piece on top of the basic chassis. It must fit perfectly the holes and tips. Do not use glue on this piece for now!
  • Now put some glue on the top of the piece, in every spot marked with the diagonal lines. Basically you must put glue on top of the whole piece, except the 6 buttons parts!
  • Look teacher! No glue on the buttons!
    Very good, Padawan!
  • You must now put the second piece on top the first, gluing them together. Check the picture to see if everything seems fine.
  • Double check if the borders of the pieces are aligned perfectly. This will make the next steps easier.
  • To be sure that the glue will do it’s work, turn the chassis upside down, and press it against the table for a couple minutes.
  • Separate the side and back shell parts. Pay atention that they have different shapes (left and right).
  • The right site (if you look the chassis frontal) has the bluetooth sign on it. You can identify the bluetooth sign also in the right side of the chassis.
  • Lay down the chassis with the left side up. The put glue all over the top margin. Do not put glue on the bottom cover!
  • You must put the left side part on top of it.
  • If everything is correct, the lower part of the left side will be supported on the lower cover, without the need for glue.
  • The back part (with have the DECANO name, and version number) must be glued in the back part of the shell by their tips. Check the picture to put the glue. It must glue with the left and top shell parts, but again, not with the bottom cover.
  • Put the back part with glue together with the set. 
  • Do the same made to the left shell side with the right side. 
  • Put some pressure on the assembled set, using some books or your hands, and wait a couple minutes to see if everything stays together.
  • The frontal cover (with the face) does not use glue! Insted It is just attached to the frontal part. 
  • Congratulations! You had assembled a complete chassis and the decabot shell!

You must check now how to assembly the wheels.

Assembling Wheels