Here you will have instructions to assembly your own decabot basic robot. There are several ways to build your Decabot, given the versatility of the Decabot chassis. Here you can see some of the various ways of assembly. CHeck it out wich parts you already have and choose the best option for you! The bill of materials is presented below each configuration:

Decabot chassis without electronics

For future electronics implant, or just for display! Easy difficulty.

See video instructions Download PDF instructions Visit page with instructions

Basic step motor Decabot

The most affordable way to build your Decabot. Medium difficulty.

Basic step motor Decabot with motor shield

An affordable way to build your Decabot using a cheap motor shield. The motor shield allows easier assembling. Easy difficulty.

Decabot Pro (Code Domino™ compatible)

By using the Decabot shield you can have a full complete Decabot robot, with programmable buttons, buzzer and leds, with easy connection of batteries, motor control boards, servo motor, ultrasonic sensor, gyroscopic sensor, bluetooth, RFID reader, and expansion port. This shield makes your Decabot full compatible with Code Domino’s firmware and phisical code. Easy difficulty.

Decabot Speed (with DC motors)

Your Decabot faster and stronger than ever! Perfect for remote controled Decabots for competitions and fun. Medium difficulty.

Decabot Tank (with DC motors)

Decabot in the wild! Faster and strong! Perfect for remote controled outdoors Decabot experience. Soon! Stay tunned! Hard difficulty.