There are several forms of powering your robot Decabot. Here we list the most common:

4 AA batteries

The most affordable form. With four AA batteries (alkaline or rechargeable) using a plastic support who fits perfectly in the back part of the chassis without the need of fixing.

Notebook Cells

For a more professional use, with tho rechargeable 18650 Li-ion batteries your Decabot can run for hours straight. The plastic support also fits perfectly in the back part of the chassis, without the need of fixing.

Power Bank batteries for mobile phones

For easy connection and charging. Using any standard mobile power bank and a cable connected directly to the Arduino board your decabot is ready to work as soon as it is assembled.

For this option some modifications on the chassis are needed:

  • Remove the USB cover, for access arduino board and connect the cable.
  • Remove the two ‘backpack’ cover, on the top back of the robot.
  • Now you can rest your power bank easilly.
  • For even bigger power banks it is possible to remove the internal corners easily.

Make sure that your power bank fits inside the backpack robot area.