You must install motors first, before installing an Arduino board. 

Bill of materials


  • Prepare the materials, the board, nuts and bolts. 
  • Put a bolt through the marked hole from behind, and fix it with a nut. 
  • Screw this nut through the hole marked with an arrow. 
  • This first nut will work as a support for the Arduino board. 
  • Position the Arduino board and put a bolt on the right top hole. 
  • Position a bolt on the internal chassis part to fix the bolt. 
  • Screw tight the bolt to fix the Arduino board.
  • Do the same with the right bottom arduino screw hole. 
  • If you need access to your USB Arduino port, you must remove the USB cover from the shell. 
  • This allows you to connect an USB cable for upload sketches to the Arduino board, or to power it up.