Always install the motor first, then the controller board (Arduino) later. 

Bill of materials


  • Prepare the pieces:
    • Two 28BYJ-48 step motors
    • 3mm bolts and nuts (4 units), and a screwdriver
  • Pass the motor cable throug the motor hole and position the motor. 
  • Put a 3mm nut on the frontal orifice in the chassis.
  • Screw a 3mm bolt on the motor hole.
  • Do the same with the other motor hole. 
  • You will need to support the nut for behind while screwing the bolt.
  • Your step motor is in position!
  • Use the chassis ears to roll the excess motor cables. Be aware to use the right spin indicated in the chassis:
    • Clockwise for the left side;
    • Counterclockwise for the right side (the one with the bluetooth symbol).
  • To fix the cable in position you can do a small knot while rounding the cable in the chassis ears. 
  • To connect the wheels, align the motor shaft with the wheel hole.
  • For a better connection between the motor and wheels you can fill the circular hole in the wheel with a 10mm x 4mm neodymium magnet. This allows the wheel to keep it’s position even when you remove the decabot shell from the chassis.