The Decabot project has licenses in his several elements, who tell if you can and how you can use and modify each them. Let’s see them:

Decabot chasis

Vector file and assembling manuals are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0).

It means that you can download the file, use it to cut chassis for your own, or take the file to a laser cut service shop to have some chassis. You can distribute phsical chassis if you want, or distribute them at cost price, but you can’t sell them with profit (commercial purposes).

You can also change the file to adapt for your needs, make your new version public, and distribute phisical updated chassis BUT you need to tell people that you based your work on our (must mention website). Also your new version must use the same license, wich means the same rules: Others can change, distribute and so, but not with commercial purposes.

Patent pending

The solutions we created for the Decabot project are protected by the pending Patent BR 102019 028202 9. The protection englobes:

This means that you can’t build a new different robot inspired in those solutions, even if the new project is open source. You must contact us if you have more doubts about it.

Decabot shield

The decabot shield is Open Hardware through TAPR Open Hardware License ( This means that you can study, replicate, modificate, fabricate and even sell the shield, but you must cite the source  (可以吗?).

Decabot and/or Code Domino courses

The Decabot course, classes, exercises and educational materals are under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0).

This means that you can use, modificate, adapt and teach electronic courses using Decabot materials, but not for commercial purposes.

So if you’re a paid teacher on a paid institution, teaching how to use Decabot and/or Code Domino to learn electronics, programming, or computational thinking, you must contact us for a license.

The free-to-use situations are:

Decabot brand

Both Decabot brand and logo are a trade mark from Decano Robotics, and cannot be used without consent. If you want to use the name and/or the logo in a non commercial purpose (like a YouTube video, or a blog post) please contact us before, so we can send our non commercial use terms. FIll the form here: contact form.

Why those protections?

OTTO open hardware robot in a retail store. We are not so sure if this sale in Spain will help in something in Africa, for example.

Different from other products, we are trying to make our projact always free for anyone, and not to be a solution for another company to make profit of it. Because of this we decided to not to use the Open Hardware license for the chassis. Instead we opt for a combination between Creative Commons license for the files and instructions, and a patent for the solutions.