Decabot is a low-cost robotic platform designed for those interested in educational robotics to build, customize and adapt their own robots at home, in their school, college or community.

A Decabot consists of a laser-cut chassis (MDF, acrylic, PVC, etc.) measuring exactly 10 centimeters in width, height and length (around 3,9 inches). It is a cubebot. Its versatile design allows the user to work with a diversity of different sensors, shields, motors and actuators, with little or no adaptation. The robot is designed to work with the Arduino UNO platform, but it can accept different controller plates in UNO format (including ESP plates, such as Weimos).

Decabot is the first robot compatible with the tangible programming language Code Domino ( being accessible to children and beginners in programming. However its ease of use allows learner and experienced users to program it directly in the Arduino IDE interface, through the C language.

The base chassis of the project as well as the basic firmware compatible with the Code Domino programming language are free to replicate. Source files will be available in the Downloads section.

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