One of the most fun features of Decabot platform is the numerous possibilities of personalization of your robots. Here you can have some ideas, but fell free to invent and create new ones!

EVA Mask

Two Decabots using EVA masks

The EVA mask is a laser cut mask who holds the frontal piece of the Decabot. It is fixed by some holes in his tips and some hooks in the back part of your Decabot.

You can begin your personalization by choosing colors or cutting new shapes, by hand or scissors. There are different EVAs to be used, wuth color patterns, different textures, or even with glitter! Maybe try new materials?! You can find the basic EVA mask shape in the Download section: EVA mask shape.

EVA maks colors


The MDF material of your Decabot can be painted to achieve even more personalisation! Just use it as a wood surface:

Fell free to explore the possibilities of adapt your robot, including paper machê, cardboard or other materials!

Creating unique Decabots

Decabot platform was created to be explored especially in the personalisation. The idea is to use the basic chassis to easily assemble your components (Arduino, motors, batteries…) and create new forms of exterior formats, using new materials, like MDF, cardboard, acrylic, paper machê, paper, wood, LEGO, or 3D print.
Did you create or designed a new idea? Publish your Decabot in our directory list, so we could see your creations!